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Bespoke Reclaimed Furniture/Chopping Boards

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Chopping Boards

Our Personalised Chopping boards are all manufactured from high quality wood sourced from the New Forest.


They are carefully hand crafted and finished providing incomparable strength and durability.  Oak chopping boards will mature and darken gradually, deepening to perfection over time.  Our chopping boards are the perfect gift and can be personalised with the words of your choice, to suit any occasion.  All of our boards are hand treated with mineral oil which is food safe and nut free.



Bespoke Wooden Tables

Family people spend a lot of time in the kitchen or dining area. Having a cup of tea, or even a dinner with all of the family members is the perfect opportunity to tell loved ones about your feelings or news of what’s going on in your life.


The atmosphere around the family has a significant impact on its inner state.



It is much nicer to spend such moments in a beautiful environment with both functional and luxurious solid wood furniture, isn't it?

That’s what bespoke wood tables are created for. Wooden tables are sumptuous, functional, reliable, and unrivalled in appearance. The natural wood is second to none.


Chipboard and other materials will not be equal to natural material in external characteristics. The uniqueness of the pattern and style of such furniture is visually appreciable. 

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